Contract Administration

As part of this service we administer the Building contract on behalf of the Employer, we work alongside the other consultants to ensure that the project is administered correctly reducing risks and helping to ensure delivery on time, within budget and to a high quality.

Our Approach

We work with the client to guide them through the contractual processes and procedures, ensuring that obligations and responsibilities are correctly discharged.

We aim to ensure that the payment provisions are correctly administered, that insurance provisions are correctly interpreted and that notices are correctly drafted and issued on time.

We sit alongside the other design team members, using our skills as contract administrators to administer the Contract leaving the design team with more time to concentrate on design and supply of information.

Our Services

The range of service can vary to suit the Clients requirements, the nature of the development and the structure of the project team, but could include:

  • Arranging, chairing and recording project meetings
  • Programme development and management
  • Procurement and contract advice
  • Liaison with solicitors to draft Warranties, Contract Amendments
  • Preparation of tender documentation and tender evaluation
  • Preparation of Contract Documentation
  • Issuing of Instructions to vary the Works
  • Issuing Payment Certificates
  • Assessing requests for Extensions of time
  • Issuing Completion Certificates and/or Non-completion Certificates
  • Management of the completion process