Fund Monitoring

We are experienced in acting on behalf of institutional investors and financiers of construction projects, providing services throughout the development process from initial due diligence activities through to completion of the construction project.

Our Approach

We closely follow the RICS advice and processes detailed in the RICS Project Monitoring Guidance Note which ensures that best practice is followed and a consistent structured approach is taken to all commissions undertaken.

Our reports are precise, and always include an executive summary that enables the reader to identify the key issues quickly.

We have experience of working alongside most of the commercial lenders and have a good understanding of their requirements this helps to avoid funding delays and ensures drawdowns are processed promptly, thereby ensuring positive cash flow.

Our Services

Typically a scope of service is split into three-phases:

1. Initial Audit Report
2. Progress Report – Interim Drawdown Reports
3. Completion Report

Activities that would be undertaken typically includes:

  • Advice on statutory consents, eg Planning, Party Wall Act
  • Competency of the development and construction team
  • Financial appraisals
  • Review of Appointments and Warranties
  • Review of Contractual documentation
  • Analysis of Construction costs
  • Analysis of the Construction programme
  • Review of the project drawings and Specifications
  • Analysis of project risks