Tenant and Purchaser Monitoring

We have developed a tailor-made service which supports clients who are having a building built for them (either new build or refurbishment) and who plan to enter into a lease or a purchase agreement.

Our Approach

We sit alongside the Tenant or Purchaser to guide them through the development and construction process, providing strategic advice, helping with decision making and offering support throughout.

We aim to tease out from the clients their key requirements for the building and to ensure that these are reflected in the design and that the building also is marketable should the Client choose to “move on” at a later date.

We interrogate consents, ensure warranties are made available, check appointments, and review contracts with a view to offering constructive criticism. We assist with commercial negations ensuring the best value and during the building works we observe the works to ensure compliance with the specification and drawings.

Our Services

Activities that could be undertaken can vary significantly depending on the nature of the Client and the Development, but could typically include:

  • Evaluation of the scheme drawings and specification
  • Assist with the commercial negotiations
  • Review the Developers programme for the works
  • Review Statutory consents
  • Assess the baseline scheme and consider enhancements
  • Co-ordinate the design and installation of the Fit-Out
  • Manage space planning exercise to ensure optimum use of the space
  • Oversee the works ensuring compliance with specification and drawings.
  • Manage the handover process on completion.